Make you mine

Walking under the moonlight, with rains falling down the street..
My eyes met yours and I could feel my heart skip a beat..
And though my heart started racing away with no control..
I knew I had fallen in love with you then and there as a whole..

For nights I did stare at the ceilings with dreams far away..
And seldom I did walk without stealing any moment I could stare and say..
In the world far across the seas..
I will take you where we will be unseen..
No one to care and no one to bother..
I will stare in your eyes and make you mine, forever..

Your voice almost killed me and dont talk about the smile..
I could jump from a hill or even walk a thousand mile..
To see your pretty face, oh hold it in front of me for some more time..
For moments I wish,someday I will make you mine..

And then time flew and thus we grew..
But the passion in my heart did seldom die..
And long I did close my eyes..
To be woken up by you under the skies..
I dreamt to see you before I sleep and before I saw the morning..
Well though, now it seems so distant and vague it may look..
But one day you will be mine, for now I am just living my life as a brook..

So finally, when I grow up to become something, I promise to kneel once again..
And this time the ring will be for real I promise not to break it in vain,
Because I know, I will change my spex and I will change my hair altogether…
But I promise someday somewhere I will make my girl mine again, and
this time, forever… 🙂