Happy new year!

Once upon a time…

So, another story is completed and the year is gone, making us an year wiser. New is always intercepted as good. A time for retrospection. To think about the bundle of memories the past year left with us.

When we think about it, we realize the things we achieved, the plans that went fulfilled, the ones that didn’t. The bucket list keeps growing, the elements being ticked off. So many memories in such less time. We meet people, we travel places, we see things. Some bonds grow stronger, some weaken. New people walk into our lives, some get left behind.

A new year gives a sense of freshness. You seek for fresh starts. There is something long pending on your resolution list, you try to make sure it’s done by the end of this year. You hope for a better time, you regret for what’s left undone. You plan and regret and then plan some more. Seconds to minutes to days to month, and wooosh, the year is gone. You don’t remain the person you were then. The last year seems so much older, the new one like a teenager.

So, as the new year sets in, lets hope for a better time. Lets try to get that pending item off the list. Lets add some new ones. Lets meet new people, travel someplace we have never been before. Finish up the book you left uncompleted. Lets try to plan less, do more. Lets not be settled or stuck and make things happen! For those who couldn’t get what they always wanted, lets just hope a little bit more. For the happy ones, lets continue to be awesome.

Let the new year add up some more memories, let it make you wiser and happier. Lets make the best of the time we got. Lets start the year with one of Steve Jobs quotes: ‘Stay hungry, Stay foolish’.

Here’s to a few firsts and a few lasts,
Here’s to a new beginning,
A fresh start,
And an adieu to the past!

Stay awesome. Stay great. A very happy 2k15 🙂