Why did we grow up?

When we were small kids, we wish we were older. When we grew up we asked ourselves why did we even grow up?

When we were children we didn’t have to worry about the world. Our only concern was how to watch cartoons and how to play cricket in the backyard. If anyone ever hurt us we had our parents to stop us from crying. We had our mother to wipe our tears and say ‘aa, kaun rulaya mere shona ko, mere raja beta ko.’ We had our father to bring us chocolates and take us to the market on the back of the bike. We watched and enjoyed as our parents scolded our brothers and sisters.

When we went to school, all we wondered was when will be the lunch time, when we will be with our friends stealing their lunchboxes, running around the playground. When we all watched in horror as the principal came with a stick when we forgot to do our homework.  When our parents wouldn’t sign in the teacher’s complaint column unless and until we promise them that we will pacca se study more and again forgot to take our books the next day. That awesome feeling when we get to know that the school is closed due to rains, when we are on our way to school & coming back dancing in the rain. When asking our auto-wale-bhaiya to stop the auto on the side of the road while everyone grabs one samosa each. Later on in the night when we complain about the stomachache and listen to our mother scold us and then bring Pudin-Hara and then staying awake the whole night. I remember I had a very bad migraine once, and my mother stayed awake the whole night while I slept in her lap.

When we fell down, we didn’t stop there, rather we got up and kept on running. When we had no chillars for a toss and we used to grab a stone, spit on side and ask ‘bol kya lega, bhiga ya sukha?’ When ‘one tip one hand’ and ‘direct bahar gaya toh out’ were the best way to take wickets and when we fought for first batting while someone shouted ‘pehle batting bhi lega, pehle bowling bhi, main nahi khel raha, mera bat laao.’ When we asked our friends to turn back and say ‘numbering karna hai’ and spread out those fingers and ask ‘bol ye kiska’. When we got out on the first ball we used to run on the terrace ‘first ball try ball yarr’ while our friends chased us.

Those were the memories, when we had to show our elders we could take care of the house while they were not at the home. When the only addictions were ‘dee dee, dexter, flinstones, Scooby doo, contra, Mario.’ When there were no cellphones and no smses. When a friend called on the landline number to wish us happy birthday, that was a proud moment, that even we get calls on landline. When there were no worries for exams, when our mother would copy the notes when we missed classes, cover our new books and make the projects. When those shoulders carried water bottles playing with it all the way. When a girl came and talked to us, we used to blush and our face turned red like a tomato.

Now our lives are full of worries, tensions, arguments, fights. When life has turned ugly. When life has lost its innocence, when friends meet once in a year. When nobody has got time in their fast lives. When an assignment keeps us awake the whole night and we have got no one to make us a cup of coffee, stroke our hair. When the only talks are about career, studies, and relationships. When people hurt us more than principal’s stick on our small hands. When, life has lost its meaning.

I am not afraid of responsibilities, I am not afraid to commit, I am not afraid of career, I just wish, just for a single day I meet my friends on a beach throw away our shoes, our ties, our shirts, forget our responsibilities and run, with no competition with no winner, just run till our breaths last. Just once, I want to return back to my childhood, just once I want to turn back the clock, steal tiffin, chase my friends, laugh like madmen, and touch our thumbs and say ‘Pacca dosti?’. 🙂