There are various aspects in our life that go unnoticed sometimes. I remember when I was a young kid and my mother gave me money to carry out some errands, I went to the market with all the five senses intact. The senses of smell and sight were most dominant, though. I would walk around and catch a glimpse of a certain thela-wala selling hawa-mithai. Then forgetting all the things and irrespective of how much money I had left with me I would say ‘Bhaiya, ek mast wali hawa-mithai banana.’

As a child, the aspect of self-control is very well ignored. We often see small kids crying for candies or sweets. What is our first reaction? ‘Bada ziddi baccha hai, kisi ki nahi sunta.’ That is a very vague picture of what is called self-control. Wikipedia defines self-control as the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires in order to obtain some reward, or avoid some punishment, later. When we are kids, we have very less self-control on us. As we grow up, we get matured and we learn that the more we have self-control over ourselves, the more successful we will be in our lives.  The desires are always there. When we are kids, the desire is to eat chocolates, play with toys, when we grow up a little we desire to have a bicycle like every other kid in the colony. When we grow up further then we realize that the earlier desires are nothing compared to what we desire now. There is a big difference between dreams and desire. We shouldn’t confuse between that.

When we grow up and the phase of teenage ends, we are there in a phase of our lives where we are much more emotional, mature and the sense of ‘desire’ is totally different. And as the meaning of desire changes, the importance of self-control becomes more and more. I remember one day I was talking to my dad, and told him that I am trying to have more self-control. He laughed and gave me a lecture for around an hour over how we underestimate the meaning of self-control, though at last he did praise me that I am at least thinking of bringing self-control in my life.

So, as most of my readers have told me that I write too long and that I should write short articles, I will cut the story short here. To sum up, we do learn a lot of things from life. And one of the most important lessons I have learnt is that of self-control. Self-control makes us stronger and teaches us the essential value of patience. Sometimes, the emotions, the desires need to be suppressed during a phase in our lives so that we can be at a better position. Sometimes you need to sacrifice those desires for now to enjoy them in a much better way later. Then we can let those desires and emotions play roles in our lives. Save for now, The fruit ought to be sweeter. 🙂