When you needed a hand,
I was there to hold you,
When you needed an ear,
I was there to listen too,

I was there to watch you laugh,
And to see you cry,
I was there to tell you to let it go,
And sometimes to give it another try,

I was there when you needed someone,
To talk to till late in the night,
I was the nice guy to see you on the phone,
With your guy, while I consoled myself that you were happy though I lone,

I told you things will be okay,
When you got afraid of the dark,
I told you that no problem was so big,
That you couldn’t make the walk.

I was there with you,
But I guess things start to end somewhere,
And it’s hard to let you go.

But far in a place,
I know you will be happy and high,
With your guy, I will be a faded memory of June,
For once I loved you,
But things end,
And I will end too.. soon,

And if you do remember me,
I hope it brings you a smile,
For, when you asked how long I shall be there for you,
I said, forever,
Because when I needed someone,
You were there for me, forever too. 🙂


A cup of coffee

What would you do if I dissolved in the shadows and never came back,

Would you still be there to wait for me,

The memories will be the only things left,

Would you still hope,



Another day of ‘us’ will be?


What would you do if I fall down and hurt myself,

Would you bear the sight of my tears,

The support will be only thing left,

Would you still hope,



Will you again see me spree?


What would you do if I truly needed you,

Would you be there for me as always you have been,

The care will be the only thing left,

Would you still hope,



I will be smiling again as it always will be?


What would you do if this moment never came back,

Would you be there to remember the days,

Well the memories will be the only things left,

Would you still hope,



Our tears and smiles will again be free?


What would you do if we meet after days,

Would you be there to share a cup of coffee,

Well the silence will be the only thing left,

Would you still hope,



Our laughs will drown all the silence that could be? 😀


Make you mine

Walking under the moonlight, with rains falling down the street..
My eyes met yours and I could feel my heart skip a beat..
And though my heart started racing away with no control..
I knew I had fallen in love with you then and there as a whole..

For nights I did stare at the ceilings with dreams far away..
And seldom I did walk without stealing any moment I could stare and say..
In the world far across the seas..
I will take you where we will be unseen..
No one to care and no one to bother..
I will stare in your eyes and make you mine, forever..

Your voice almost killed me and dont talk about the smile..
I could jump from a hill or even walk a thousand mile..
To see your pretty face, oh hold it in front of me for some more time..
For moments I wish,someday I will make you mine..

And then time flew and thus we grew..
But the passion in my heart did seldom die..
And long I did close my eyes..
To be woken up by you under the skies..
I dreamt to see you before I sleep and before I saw the morning..
Well though, now it seems so distant and vague it may look..
But one day you will be mine, for now I am just living my life as a brook..

So finally, when I grow up to become something, I promise to kneel once again..
And this time the ring will be for real I promise not to break it in vain,
Because I know, I will change my spex and I will change my hair altogether…
But I promise someday somewhere I will make my girl mine again, and
this time, forever… 🙂

The Memories We Had

Staring through the night so dark,

I seldom see where I am going,

But when the moon finally shows its mark,

I walk the steps knowing,

Knowing that you are no more with me,

And I am fine totally, you see,

Because I might be too far away from your heart,

But baby, I cant stop thinking about you all night.


I seldom cared what people thought,

I seldom cared what people said,

All that mattered for me was what you felt for me,

And as the tides are turning again as the night flees,

All I wish is you stay the night with me..


I would look into your eyes forever,

I will make you feel my passion for you,

I will hold you tight and the feel the goosebumps on your skin,

And I will feel your breath over mine as I pull you closer to me,

And then I will kiss you softly as this night increases the ecstasy.

I will wait for the day for sure,


And as I write these lines, a tear does trickle down my chin,

As I remember the best time I had,

The day will come again I know, you will be there for me and I will be, for you,

I am just waiting and waiting till it drives me mad,

But with me, I have the memories we had, I do have the memories we had!

The Walk

And as the breeze passed by
I looked up into the sky
To walk those last steps
Where none of them could see me cry…

Those endless nights and those happy gains..
Those senseless lies and those regrets and pains..
Somewhere I couldnt find my self with me I sense
It is better to follow unless the case may be so intense..

Trying hard to fight those tears..
Its when you find no one near
All you can do is stare in the mirror
And ask the man there to hear..

And as the breeze passed by
I took my steps forward to make my moments defined
While some may think it is stupid
But sometimes your luck is also timed..

And as I moved forward to take the path I had chosen
I found my grip on my luck loosen..
While sometimes you cant avoid being there all the time
Your senses and feelings make you nonetheless prime..

So until the stars I hope to go
With no remorse or sorrow
I aim for the sky and will make it count..
For, there hurts nothing in this world more than when your loss mounts..

Yash sinha

Rusted Memories

I woke up this morning, in my bed
Took a look all around the shed
Looked around those photographs in the frame
The rusted memories of happier times, then it came

Those days where I could do what I wanted
Without anyone taking me for granted
Resting in my mumma’s lap
I know it will take long to fill the gap..

Those cycle rides
Those friends aside
It doesn’t matter whether I can drive a car now
Those rusted memories will forever be bright

When I fell down, I didn’t worry
I dusted my pants and didn’t stop to hurry
People rushed to pick me up
But look at the time now, you fall, and people will do nothing but laugh

Those rickshaw rides to my school
Those teachers who didn’t mind whether we were small
But I lived for my friends and they lived for me
The punishments, the sticks, well they didn’t matter at all!!

Those gully crickets, those videogames
Those bully friends, those weird names
We laughed together and cried
It didn’t matter then even if I lied

Those movies we went with our mom and dad
Those dinners we had at restaurants
At the end of the end all it seemed
We were not that ignorant

School times and recess
And the girls whom we couldn’t access
We always followed them though
They didn’t know, lol, that was their regrets..

And that awesome food which my mom cooked for me
The smell which now I can never feel
I know the present is not that bad
But I know a slider can’t match a giant wheel

That cosy bed
Those cosy hugs
Those gossip calls and those rotten rugs
Someday when I will look at these photographs
Those smiling faces will always make me shrug

Whatever the case now may be
But one thing I can always see
Sometimes you are low and sometimes you are high
But in the all that matters are your rusted memories…!!

Yash Sinha
BITS Pilani Goa Campus


My world after you

Some day when i will be walking through the door

Wanting to find you but wont be able to see you anymore

I would perhaps wait and think

What will be my world after you


Those evening walks, those library studies…

Those iceream treats, those never ending buddies

Dont know whether any thing would change

But i will be the same you know, my excuse may be lame


Never ending days, and never ending nights

You used to always be in my sight

You said i didnt realise your importance

But yeah i will miss those days by my light


Those soft hands, those magical eyes..

Your sweet voice that echo in my ears…

Well they will be gone forever

When i will get to know you are not with me anymore


Pain can be fought as bruises can be healed

But absence cant be sought as you cant be felt

I dont know whether i will miss you or you will

But i know the moments of yours with me will be unsealed


Friendship cant be broken as love cant be cleared

I hope one day you will come back as my end would near

You would bend down my ears to say me something

But i wont be able to hear anything as feelings lost gone


I would pray you remain happy wherever you are

Maybe you are not with me but your memories always will be

And one day when i will be thinking what would be my world after you

I will stop for a while to know whether you are happy

Because someday when you are not with me

Your memories, your presence always will be


Your laugh, your tears, your smiles, your fears..

You touch, your feel your brush, your heal..

Ending all i just want to say

I will miss you and your care…

Because in the end i know whenever i need you

You will always be there…


So someday when i know you are forever gone

And i need to feel my world after you

I will bend down close my eyes…

And say, i even cant imagine my world after you…


Yash sinha

BITS pilani- GOA