Lost purpose

It has been almost a year since I have been living in the United States. I remember the day I got my admit for MS. It was a thrilling feeling. An opportunity to live the American dream. An opportunity to learn more. When I retrospect over the last one year, however, I feel I lost my way somewhere.

What is it to learn at foreign universities? There are infinite possibilities. That was my thought when I stepped on that flight from New Delhi to Gainesville. I didn’t realize that life is rerouted the same way one of those flights occasionally do. Somehow, somewhere, I lost the purpose.

This might sound pretty depressing but it isn’t the way it sounds. Maybe it’s for the best that happens. We as individuals are so used to planning for things we forget what lies ahead. We have trapped ourselves in a box. We have a fixed set of priorities and another one of the goals. We fail to rediscover ourselves because we are so tied up in the unending struggle of failures and successes. We are afraid to step out and witness the world.

We forget to understand that these struggles make us who we are. If we stop teaching a struggling kid after he has failed to learn till the number 10 he won’t understand the beauty of another million that lie ahead. The same thing happens with us. When we fail to keep up with our plans, we start getting a feeling of a lost purpose.

Life is the most beautiful thing that happened to us. The only thing waiting for us is to take another step forward. Another step to fail and then pick ourselves up again. Another step to witness those well-laid plans go up in ashes. Another step to get out of that box. Another step to getting lost on purpose! 🙂