Keep Going

Not all the days will be smooth

Not all of them will be lucky

When you are stuck in the mud and harder it gets

Tell yourself — Keep going
And some days will be hard

And some are going to be worse

But never shall you lose faith

For guarding you is the universe
When you find nothing going your way

No light to shine and no way up

Remind yourself of the years passed

I know you will never give up!
When you are out of your breath

And just can’t push any farther

Wipe that sweat off with a smile

And tell yourself to push — a little harder
You are down and out 

With scars from the days gone by

You are hurt yet unbent

With another jerk and a sigh

You get up and face the storm

Because nothing can hold you down

You keep your steps strong

For there will be a moment worth showing

And forever you told yourself — Keep going! 🙂

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