So, here I brace myself for another set of goodbyes (disclaimer: I am still here for the next one month, but this feeling of penning down words has been rare to come. Not exactly the last nail. Time capsule for the future if you may.) Everytime I am overwhelmed at how fast time passes, it continues to surprise me more. It feels only yesterday that I came to Hyderabad, and yet somehow it has already been 2 long years. 

Yes, two long years since I left college. And though I am still recovering over that feeling, another one is bestwoed upon me. Sometimes, I just feel it’s better to cut the crap and stop creating new attachments. Stop this nonsense of making new friends and new memories. It’s hard to leave all these behind and move on. I have stopped counting how many times I have had to do that.

The moment life starts feeling normal is the same one that reminds us that the current one is going to be just that. Just another moment. Another memory which will soon be painful to forget. 

Why do we meet new people? It feels like the sole purpose of meeting new people or making new memories is just to leave them in the past. That’s a cruel algorithm in which life works. First you leave your parents, your school friends behind. Then it’s your college memories. And funnily enough, the more you progress the harder it gets. You feel someday you will be mature enough to deal with this shit. But life leaves you immature, emotional one forever.

So, here I brace myself again. To yet another set of goodbyes. To those late night enlightments with the roommates. To those office friends, who just made the time more bearable. To the mentor, who never left my side. To the khana banane wale bhaiya, who never understood the concept of less oil and more taste. To those undiscovered roads and those impromptu trips. To everything that made me smile in the once alien world.

To the ones who made you believe that no matter wherever you go, some people are always there to make you a better person than you had been. 

It’s not the goodbyes that hurt. It’s all the flashback that follows.

Farewell, Hyderabad.


2 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. Totally agree Yash…but one thing I feel is..we constantly meet new people not to leave them behind..but to b in constant touch with them. Wishing you happiness wherever u go!!!

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