Life’s Project

I was in my college last month. It had been more than a year since I was back there. However, everything looked so familiar, as if nothing had changed. I could imagine myself back on the pathways and corridors anxious for Test -2 (or T2), which was 2 days later. I could see myself wandering near mongi with a cup of coffee in my hand, badly wanting for the next week to end soon.

Everything was exactly the way it was, though strangely, how much had changed. There was an odd feeling that I didn’t belong here. No, these kids were carefree. They didn’t have to go back to job in a few days. Goa wasn’t vacation for them, it was a way of life, it was their home, if only for now. I so badly wanted to tell them that they are going to miss this life in a few year. But, I guess, they already knew.

When I met one of my old teachers, I could feel overwhelmed. So many things came rushing back. We sat down  and the conversation to follow was one of the most enthraling ones I had in a few years. He talked about Buddhist philosophy, and the way of life. He talked about life’s project. He asked me what was my life’s project?

Well, everyone has a goal in life. I too have one. But what was my life’s project? Becoming a good engineer and making a change in people’s life, can that be passed off as one’s life project? I am afraid that isn’t true. It should be something big, something with impact, something with a recognition. Right? And, I don’t have that. Maybe not for now. I guess, someday, when I truly realise what is the meaning of this particular dot in my life, I will realize what my true life’s project is.

Well, while I was leaving goa, I texted my teacher, saying it was a real pleasure meeting him. He texted back ‘don’t forget to set out on your life’s project’

Soon sir.. soon 🙂