A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said ‘Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep.’  Sadly, it’s only when we grow up we realise what is the difference between that fantasy world and the real one. Everything ever quoted seems so right but it fails miserably when you apply that in real life. We dream of achieving big things. If only you could go in the past and tell that little guy, how tougher the world was.

Does it really makes sense to hold onto the dream when you grow up? That takes us to another question. Does it really have to be absolutely necessary for someone to know what exactly they want when they were a kid. What do we call the other half of the population? Losers? How often we miss the fact that most of those dreams were in fact influenced by some or the other person in our life. It might have been our friends who were busy ‘figuring out their life’; or our parents who didn’t fail to make an impression that one profession was more noble than the other.

When I look back, I am really confused between what I wanted and what I should have wanted to be. At some levels, I guess I haven’t even figured it out yet. People said good grades gives you a good college, so I did that. People said good college gives you a good job, so I did that too. But in the end how it doesn’t it all add up? Even now? I am not a pessimist. I sometimes really feel confounded by the sole idea that everyone needs to have a dream.

Maybe it will take some time. Maybe it will take time to find the true passion or the true direction. Life does gives you many chances and I guess I am just one of those who couldn’t figure out the right one. Maybe then I will be able to understand what every other quote means in this world. And someday, maybe I will be the one who wakes up and knows, this is what my dream was to be. Till then, I guess I need to follow my instinct. Because, I guess at some level they already know what you want to be. 🙂dream2

   Image from here: http://www.insideaspergers.com/2015/06/15/dreams-and-aspergers/


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