When you needed a hand,
I was there to hold you,
When you needed an ear,
I was there to listen too,

I was there to watch you laugh,
And to see you cry,
I was there to tell you to let it go,
And sometimes to give it another try,

I was there when you needed someone,
To talk to till late in the night,
I was the nice guy to see you on the phone,
With your guy, while I consoled myself that you were happy though I lone,

I told you things will be okay,
When you got afraid of the dark,
I told you that no problem was so big,
That you couldn’t make the walk.

I was there with you,
But I guess things start to end somewhere,
And it’s hard to let you go.

But far in a place,
I know you will be happy and high,
With your guy, I will be a faded memory of June,
For once I loved you,
But things end,
And I will end too.. soon,

And if you do remember me,
I hope it brings you a smile,
For, when you asked how long I shall be there for you,
I said, forever,
Because when I needed someone,
You were there for me, forever too. 🙂



Imagine your favourite food kept on a table. It can be a chocolate, a candy or anything you wish to be. You are down to the last piece and still you crave for the last one the same way as you have craved for each one of them. Now, imagine the effort you put to resist eating the last one, because you want to savour it for the next day. Such strong effort is hard to get by. But, what happiness it brings when you open up the packet next to find one still left, lying still there.

Life sometimes behave the same way. The things you want the most are the things which are difficult to get. And no matter how much you crave for it, sometimes you just have to bring out the strongest of effort and savour it. Maybe, because the longing somehow gives you a greater pleasure than even having it by your side.

There are people in your life, you are so sure to be with. You love everything in them. Their smiles, their face, their cute nose, their smell, their voice. And still somehow you can’t be with them. Sometimes, people are just not meant to be. The longing sure gives you heartache, but somehow the happiness to be with them in the current moment is greater than the easy option of running away.

Somehow, life has taught me so many things. Some have been easy and some have been hard to learn. One such thing I learnt was to worry less about the future and live more in the present. Sure, the future is what you should think about. You know something is impossible to happen and the easy option is to just run away from everything. Easy it is, ain’t it? But what about the present? You love a person, you love being with them and though it’s not going to last forever, do you part ways. Nothing last forever. And the sad thing is that, generally it’s the good things which end soon. But is it fair to live in the fear that some things will end soon? Why not enjoy the present?

Happiness is overrated. But isn’t it the pain that makes us value the happiness in life? People say letting go is the toughest thing in life. I say it’s the easiest thing. The tough thing will be to stick by, knowing that things will end soon, knowing the pain when that happens, and still being happy in the moment and whatever is left in it.

It’s easier said than done. It’s hard to live in the moment without being worried about the future. But, somehow I have learnt to appreciate the smaller things which give happiness. I have tried to live in the present. And I know it’s not going to last forever, but somehow I feel, isn’t the short smile worth the efforts? Because, when the moments end, these smiles are going to be remembered. And these smiles, will be savoured in life, forever. 🙂