5 states

I have been living away from home for more than 7 years. I was 16 went I left for Kota, a coaching hub for engineering entrance exams. Since then, Telangana is the fifth state where I would be going to stay. I stayed in Rajashthan for 2 years, Jharkhand for an year, Goa for four years and Karnataka for around six months.

Every place taught me a different thing. And every thing has added to a set of experiences. Each have been great in its own way. Today I had one such experience, though small, but one that I will surely remember.

It has been 5 days since I came to Hyderabad for my first job. I met my friends today and it got late while coming back to the place where I am staying. I took an auto and when I reached the place, I asked him how much I should give him. He said ‘Bhaiya jo aap sahi samjho.’ I have had bad experiences with cabs and autos overcharging people. But somehow this guy was different. It was 11 in the night and it was a shared auto, so I thought 20 bucks would do it. I gave him a 50 rupees note and instead of returning me 30 bucks, he accidentally gave me a 50 rs note instead of a 10 rs note. It was dark and by the time I realised he had given me the wrong note he had started his auto and moved a bit ahead. I went running to him and returned him the note.

It was a small thing for me, but I realised how much it mattered to the auto guy. He couldn’t stop thanking. I said it was his money, why he should thank me. He thanked me one last time, and gave me his number and asked me to call me if I needed help here.

I realised how they work all day to earn and how even losing a penny affects them so much. The relief on the auto guy was more than enough to bring a smile. Somehow, these small things give so much of happiness.

Hyderabad, finally feeling home.
I will survive. πŸ™‚


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