The fakebook

Let’s rewind back a little. This is the year of 2007. I was in the Xth standard that time and with no Sibbal to mess up with the education system, was anxious of the upcoming board exam. Orkut was just catching up with the users, there was a hot wave of services like Y! Messenger, Rediff Messenger and MSN messengers. Sify was still alive and so were sites like indiatimes, etc. The scope of social networking was very limited till then. There was no facebook, myspace or twitter in the picture then, at least in my friend group.

The boom of social networking in India can be easily accredited to It was the first site which many people got addicted to. It was first of its kind. A personal space to make friends and express opinions. So many of my friends’ love stories started and ended on orkut. I remember I was in Kota that time and mere teenagers in the age group of 16-18 would flock the cyber cafes to ‘do’ orkut for hours. Yes, it was the first addiction.

I guess it was around 2008 that came the wave of facebook in India. People were reluctant to change, but eventually they gave in, and facebook opened doors to a new age of social networking. The privacy of a user became negligible as compared to orkut. It was all about openness. It gave rise to an ugly side of social networking. It became more than an addiction. It entered our system and became a necessity. And before we even realised, the blue giant had engulfed us with the promise of a happy world. Such was the power of facebook that it killed bigger players like Google, Myspace and what not?

So, why are we so addicted to facebook? Why facebook became so popular? Facebook gave rise to an alter-ego of us. Everyone is nice on facebook and everyone is happy. It is the ‘fake’ side of us which we want to cherish. What facebook has done to us is beyond explanations. It has intensified the desperation for appreciation among us. In today’s era, or in fact it’s a common thing that we are more interested in other’s life more than ours. Facebook has provided a medium for that, which has made it this popular. What we fail to realise is it is this medium which has made our ‘fake’ self suppress the ‘real’ one. People act nicer and seem happier on a social networking site. Everything is ‘sunny’ and ‘rocking’. It has given rise to fake appreciation and a fake way of life.

I am not against facebook. In fact I am an active facebook user. I just hope, this way of life doesn’t continue for long. If one day the facebook servers crash, I am afraid that it will end a part of life of each one of the billion users fb boasts about. Maybe, then it will make way for the real way of living, because for now even the homepage tag line gives a fake vibe.

Peace 🙂



2 thoughts on “The fakebook

  1. jcjeouc nonciiojc says:

    I think this post is too late. The “fake”book was a reality a few years ago, when people only posted about their achievements, and shared pictures of their parties and outings and visits to various places on facebook; and never shared the sadder part of life. Now facebook is much more real, with people talking about everything and if you can’t see that, I think you need to change your social circle.

    Anyway, when were human beings not fake? Before the whole internet business, were people real? Publicly? Haven’t we always greeted our teachers ‘Good Morning’ regardless of how much we hated that particular one who always poked her nose into our innocent lives? Haven’t we always put up a smile for a picture (not through a digiCam) even though the heat was horrible and we were melting in sweat? Haven’t we tried to look very interested in God just to save ourselves some scoldings from our parents during a puja? It was always there buddy, you only grew up now, thanks to the social networking site that you are blaming the fake on.

    • I am really glad that you read the post. I appreciate your opinions, but I there are points I disagree with.
      1) People ‘talking’ about everything and people ‘doing’ are two very different things. That was the point I mentioned. We create an alter-ego of ourselves on a social-networking site. Maybe that’s how we see ourselves to be, while the reality is completely different.
      2) You really think sharing the sadder part of life (Sad, down with fever) and stuffs like that make it real? Don’t you feel when you are sick in bed, you really don’t need to broadcast it?
      Yes we humans have always been fake. But, at least that fake profile wasn’t up for a show. We post 50 photos on a beach with a tagline ‘feeling wonderful with’ when you should be really enjoying your break. The sole aim of the article was to mention the addiction to such social networking sites. And as, I mentioned I am no different. The ‘fake’ thing in real life as you aforementioned is a different thing. But the one we see on social networking sites and the addiction to appreciate such a fake circle, that was the point I was trying to make.
      And as I said, it’s just an opinion. 🙂

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