Inspiration. When I think of the word, there are so many things that come in my mind. The world has been a source of inspiration to me. I don’t believe in ‘inspirational quotes’ or ‘inspirational movies’. They are experiences of a different person. The source of inspiration for me has always been the people around me.

There are so many stories around me. A guy who went on to achieve so much when born to a simple household with no facility. A girl who is making her family proud when every one of her relatives had written her off. A person who is working day and night to make his ends meet and yet is a proud father of someone who just got into a great college.

I seek inspiration from my family, my friends and those around me. These are the people who taught me to stand up when I fell down. These are the ones who taught me to dust myself when I hit a bump. These are the ones who taught me to not care about people who didn’t think I could achieve something. When I failed, these were the ones who told me to never lose belief in myself. When I seek for inspiration, I don’t look at some quote. Because, there are real people and their stories which inspired me to never give up.

Life teaches us so much, right? Yet, why is it that we choose to ignore so many of the lessons. There are things I have done in my life that I regret, but I am glad those things happened because they taught me so much. They taught me that past never matters. That past is a lesson which helps you achieve what you have always wanted. That past is best forgotten.

Next time you feel demotivated, close your eyes and forget everything. Feel yourself flying. Wings spread. Winds gushing against your face. It’s intensity making your eyes wet. The wind is against you. The storm forces you to stop, but you don’t. You keep moving, forward. Winds intensifying and clouds thundering. But you don’t give up. And when the storm is done and the wind is settled, you see the rainbow. Because, that my friend is what life is. There will always be a storm. But there always will be a rainbow. When you feel demotivated, think of the rainbow after the storm. You will know what you’ve always been working for. 🙂




It must be the umpteenth time that I was watching FRIENDS. And it still feels like the first time. You get attached to the characters. You sometimes live one of them for real. And one of the closest thing I can feel is that of Ross and Rachel. It’s a fictional sitcom and still there is this bond that feels so real. There is always an on-off relationship thing that never ends between them. You see them fight, you see them cry and then you see them back together. And even watching it hundreds of times doesn’t let that feeling of goosebumps cease.

It’s funny how you are hung up on a character. There will always be a new person in your life. You are going to be with them. So why is it weird that one person will always be there who never really manages to escape your thoughts? Why is that even after so many years she is still going to be there in your life and mind? Maybe not physically, but she is going to be there. There is always going to be her who you never could be with, even when being together was always meant to be. It’s not like you want to get back together or want her back in your life. But no matter, whom you meet or what you do, it will be never be the way it was with her. There will always be her.

You will move on with your life and you will be happy. You will find new people. You will try to erase the past, but you will always know that the person you were in front of her can never be in front of anyone else. You try to console yourself that she must be happy with her life and you should be too. And maybe you are. But somehow you never seem to lose hope. You hope that someday, somehow she comes back. And when you are alone at night, these memories come rushing back. Some happy and some sad ones. They still make you laugh and they still bring tears in your eyes. You rewind those moments again and again and try to figure out the things you could have done to never let it end.

Life goes on and so you do too. But some sort of invisible string remains. The string that never seems to get weak. And someday, no matter how, when you cross paths with your Rachel, you know that, that string will make you smile. You will forget the pain you went through, for, you know that none of them ever mattered. And then you will know for sure, she was indeed yours. She, was your Rachel. 🙂


The fakebook

Let’s rewind back a little. This is the year of 2007. I was in the Xth standard that time and with no Sibbal to mess up with the education system, was anxious of the upcoming board exam. Orkut was just catching up with the users, there was a hot wave of services like Y! Messenger, Rediff Messenger and MSN messengers. Sify was still alive and so were sites like indiatimes, etc. The scope of social networking was very limited till then. There was no facebook, myspace or twitter in the picture then, at least in my friend group.

The boom of social networking in India can be easily accredited to It was the first site which many people got addicted to. It was first of its kind. A personal space to make friends and express opinions. So many of my friends’ love stories started and ended on orkut. I remember I was in Kota that time and mere teenagers in the age group of 16-18 would flock the cyber cafes to ‘do’ orkut for hours. Yes, it was the first addiction.

I guess it was around 2008 that came the wave of facebook in India. People were reluctant to change, but eventually they gave in, and facebook opened doors to a new age of social networking. The privacy of a user became negligible as compared to orkut. It was all about openness. It gave rise to an ugly side of social networking. It became more than an addiction. It entered our system and became a necessity. And before we even realised, the blue giant had engulfed us with the promise of a happy world. Such was the power of facebook that it killed bigger players like Google, Myspace and what not?

So, why are we so addicted to facebook? Why facebook became so popular? Facebook gave rise to an alter-ego of us. Everyone is nice on facebook and everyone is happy. It is the ‘fake’ side of us which we want to cherish. What facebook has done to us is beyond explanations. It has intensified the desperation for appreciation among us. In today’s era, or in fact it’s a common thing that we are more interested in other’s life more than ours. Facebook has provided a medium for that, which has made it this popular. What we fail to realise is it is this medium which has made our ‘fake’ self suppress the ‘real’ one. People act nicer and seem happier on a social networking site. Everything is ‘sunny’ and ‘rocking’. It has given rise to fake appreciation and a fake way of life.

I am not against facebook. In fact I am an active facebook user. I just hope, this way of life doesn’t continue for long. If one day the facebook servers crash, I am afraid that it will end a part of life of each one of the billion users fb boasts about. Maybe, then it will make way for the real way of living, because for now even the homepage tag line gives a fake vibe.

Peace 🙂