Evident confusion

No more stuffs about how long it has been. A man has the right to be busy. 😉 On a serious note, it has been around three months since I wrote something and since I am paying around 18$ a year for the domain, I better make some use of it. So, the point is, it was high time to write something.

Well, there are times in life when you don’t understand where the path is taking you. You are stuck in a confused state and everything seems to be blurred around you. When you are a child the basic confusions are whether you should buy this game console or the other one. Life isn’t the same for that matter when you grow up. Life changes dramatically when you are thrust upon with responsibilities. You don’t understand the road you have taken. There are dark clouds over some of your decisions. Doubts grow and suddenly you are closed down in your own small shell with everything seeming uncertain. What should you do then?


Well the simplest thing I learnt is that you have to accept that there will be some good consequences and some bad ones over every single decision you took or are taking or will take. Acceptance is a key to peace. What should you do about it or what will happen next is a matter of how much efforts are you willing to put to get through the odds. If you love someone and don’t know what to do, just take a deep breath, listen to your heart and go do it! What is the worst that could happen? If you are not happy with your job, throw it in a trash, be vulnerable and do what you are best at. Do what you love! If something is bothering you for a while, go talk to a friend about it, resolve the misunderstandings, if any.

I am going to tell you one crude thing. Life my friend, is very short. You can’t stay stuck at a place worrying about a decision you are yet to take. Relieve yourself of the burden and start acting. Feel free and live free. You don’t need to regret for decisions you haven’t taken yet, right?

That’s all folks. Keep reading!