The girl who didn’t cry

Tears had left her soul a long time back. She didn’t have reasons to stand where she had been since the last 2 years. She had been punished with no reason at all. Faith seemed to hold no meaning for her. She could have run away a long time back, leaving her agony and her pain but she had chosen to stay, to hold on to the only thing she had loved since love had shown its meaning.

But love had been cruel, yeah it had been to such an extent that she could barely feel her existence. Pillows had been kept away to soak away all the tears she had shed in those quiet nights with the only sound audible was that of her own heartbeat. She would stare at the ceiling for hours, trying to figure out how she got into this position. Smile had eluded her face long back and all she could see in the mirror was the darkness under her eyes. And suddenly one day she decided to be strong, just like that. She got up, brushed her teeth trying to force a smile, looking forward to another uneventful day ahead.

She moved on. She met new people. Songs continued to remind her of him. But she didn’t give up. She couldn’t go back to the darkness that she had left far behind. She smiled. She laughed. She lived her life. She didn’t cry. She couldn’t believe the person she had become.

One night, on the phone, she talked to a friend. An unknown person who had been with her yet invisible from her real life. She hadn’t seen him or felt for him. But his mere voice soothed her soul. His words calmed her from inside. She liked him but was afraid to tread into the unseen waters. She was afraid to trust any other living soul. Men had grown up to become dogs for her. And as his voice brushed her essence, she cried, just like that. She cried and cried till it was dawn. And the person didn’t leave her company. And more she cried.

While flipping upon some old songs, she stumbled upon her romantic favourite. She didn’t cry. No old memories started to haunt her. She remembered the person, on the call. Life changed, just like that. πŸ™‚


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