The train or the hill?

There has been a zillion times when I have told myself that I will do something this last sem. I will study this, that, play this game, read that novel or at least write more. But no, my lazy body doesn’t allow me to do what I wish. Maybe in some days I will get my body to work the way I intend it to, for now, I don’t see that happening. But, with the fever right now I guess I felt like browsing through movies and writing something.

Coming back to the point. Well, it has been around an year and a half since I started blogging. I didn’t publicise it because:
1) I really am not that awesome writer who has to be in the top league
2) My writing was meant for some close friends and I am more than glad to have their constant responses time to time, indirectly or directly. So, kind of fulfills my purpose, right? I am glad they are still here to give their time to stop and read. *thank you audience* Please keep pouring in with your feedbacks, it generously helps me evolve as a bettwer writer.

So, as far as I remember it was the third time I was watching the movie ‘Leap year’. I love movies with picturesque background. It is one such movie. Now, there is this scene in this movie which really made me write this article. Amy Adams (Boy is she hot!) and Mathew Goode are stuck at a railway station. They are waiting for the next train due in an hour or so. There is a beatiful hill with a castle in the backdrop and Mathew asks Amy to take a visit. Well she hesitates but eventually gives in.

The point behind this story telling is a simple one. What would you have chosen if given an option? The train or the hill? Our lives are pretty busy with the hustling and rumbling of the trains. We keep moving from one place to another, without resting, without thinking. Where we are now, seldom pleases us. We always try to discover something new, something better, rarely stopping to appreciate the beauty all around us. People and places are left behind while we try to seek comfort in the new uncomfortable aspects of life. The hill though how gorgeous it is, fails to generate the happiness we think we deserve. So, what if we stop to admire the hills around us. There will always be a next train, right? What will you choose? The train or the hill?

Well, enough of senti stuffs for now. I guess I need to get back in my blanket, shiver and hope the fever decreases as soon as possible. God it’s cold in Goa. -_-


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