The Magic

What will I miss after it gets over? Well, that’s a tough question. I want to tell you that I will miss the college life, the campus roads, the sense of calmness. But the truth, deep inside my heart I know is, I won’t miss any of them.

I won’t miss the late night movies, rather the ones those seen with. I won’t miss the beaches, rather the ones those been with. I won’t miss nescafe or mongi but the ones with whose money I ate the puffs or drank ice teas. I won’t miss the classes but the ones who made them fun. I won’t miss the night canteen, rather the ones whom I woke up from sleep and dragged there at 2 in the night. I won’t miss the campus roads rather the ones with whom I gauged the girls. The maggis wont be missed but the ones who made them. It won’t be the joker in me who will be missed rather the ones on whom I could make the endless ones. It won’t be the birthdays missed which were celebrated the way they would never be, but the ones who made the memories possible.

I won’t miss crazily falling in love for the first time or having the first crush rather the ones who were there to share the stories with. The girls won’t be missed rather the ones telling infinite number of stories about them. I won’t miss the endless songs that played when I walked the corridors rather the ones who mindlessly selected those addictive songs. I won’t miss the DJ nights but the ones who witnessed my crazy steps. I won’t miss the long bike trips but the ones were crazy enough to drive 350 kilometres. Those champagne cheers, those treats, those lameless reasons for another visit to HQ, none will be missed but the ones who agreed to give in to my stupid reasons. No, that guy right across the corridor who became one of my best friend over time, he won’t be missed. It will be his crazy slangs that will be. I won’t miss the nicknames that friends gave me, rather I will miss those friends.

We BITSians say ‘BITS, its magic.’ I remember giving presentations on behalf of Lets Promote BITS Pilani, and this used to be our tagline. Never could I have ever imagined the aptness behind the quote. But the magic tricks won’t be missed. It will be the fucking magicians who will be. When a magic show reaches its end, we try to enjoy every last second of it. The BITS magic, as they say, is coming to an end. There will be 8 hours jobs. There will be money but none to spend on. The fights over ‘mere paas paise nahi hai, tu abhi de de‘ only to realise you are getting none back will never be the same. People will confront you to take the money back, no matter how you feel about it. No one will have the fucking time to stop and laugh. That’s how its going to be. You will talk about college life and friends, but none will be there and that’s how it’s going to be. You will have reunions and have those odd moments. But this life and these friends are going to be no more around.

It’s how life is. You meet someone only to part ways. So someday, when working your ass off in your high profile office for that fucking lakh per month paycheck of yours, stop and remember what beautiful thing you had once. You will cry over some girl breaking your heart or a bad day at office. No one is going to give a shit about it. That’s when you will miss your friends.

And how funny is the thing that you will realise it only when you won’t have any of them around. It’s never about the place and its never about the memories. Its about those fucking morons who make them. Live, laugh and joy. This moment, this time, this fucking life ain’t ever coming back. So, when you leave this place remember where you came from. You can boast about Gajendra verma, Shafkat, Kailash kher coming to your campus. For all you know, none of that would matter. It will be the rockstars here that will leave the impact forever. You will need to be here to see the magic unveil. BITS Pilani, It’s Magic. 🙂



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