Placement blues

I wish I could write more regularly. That had to be one of my *secret* resolutions this year. But from the look of it, this isn’t going to happen any time soon. It’s placement time, leaving me out of thought for now. It’s the time in your life when you are desperate to show your worth to the world. It’s the time you actually *try to* make yourself distinct from the crowd. But, the question is how do you do that?

The simple logic (heard, discussed and heard from a thousand mouths so far) is the proportionality of your worth with money. But, I am occasionally perturbed just by the thought of it. Is it really so? I interned for 6 months (almost 😉 ) at a reputed IT company in Bangalore. Luck didn’t favour me, and a silly thing as hiring freeze at an unlucky time denied me of the job. I look back and say to myself, would I have taken the job there after all? The mouth-watering packages being offered here (1 lakh in hand, 14.5 lpa ctc..) seem much lucrative than what I would have been offered there. So is it about the money after all?

I think and think about it. Again and again. I remember a friend who left his job at an IT company to join an NGO in dusty outskirts of Bihar, because that was his passion. He asked me to come too. But, I had, and I quote, “bigger targets” on my mind. I may visit him in the summers to help him out, but the point again is, why not now?

The answer then keeps banging back at me. It’s all about security. We fear getting out of our comfort zone. Screw happiness, it’s all about money. “Oh, that company is offering 15lpa ctc, ab toh jaan laga deni hai is company ke liye” And this is not what I am making up right now. It’s a common scene I am encounter regularly now a days. I am not dismissing them. Maybe, I too am one of them. Who doesn’t want a job security?

Oh yeah, those dreaded words. Comfort zone, job security, handsome pay, foreign offers. They seem so soothing. Well, who cares about those low paying startup jobs. Naah, Mad?  What about job satisfaction? Doesn’t matter if I am getting one lakh per month, I mean I can survive Chennai with that amount too! 

It sure does make me sad. I promise myself I won’t follow the same course. I promise myself that even if a low paying job assures me job satisfaction, I will prefer that. If some company allows me to do what I really care for, I won’t look back.

These things seem so good to be applied in practical life. I wish I had a balance meter to balance the practicality and dreams pertaining to a thing. With these thoughts, I open geekforgeeks and careercup to indulge in gruesome pointers and arrays hoping that this phase ends soon. Silently, I promise myself to make a decision which will make me satisfied. Well, for the security aspect of things, we will see. 😉

Placement blues. *sigh*

And btw, it’s my 50th post on the blog. 😀