How often do you stand in a corner and see it fly away,
It has made you laugh and cry all the same,
It showed you light when darkness made you pay,
Time has been there to let nothing go to vain.

How often have you wondered about the things that have changed,
Some faces some places, they are no longer the same,
So many people passing by and you stood there and waved,
For, time has kept the best ones in your life that came.

How often has the clocked turned with memories throwing you back thereby,
While you laugh and cheer, there were also memories when you used to cry,
The tears, be it sad or happy never matter for it were with one your closest,
And today it seems so distant, but they were beautiful, like a dozen roses.

You might have travelled miles till now and many a miles more to go,
But when you rest and lean on your back, these memories will again grow,
And then you will smile, even for a while, to leave the worry behind,
Because time is what makes you, without it, life’s a beautiful bell, ringing without its chime.

People, places will someday no longer matter when you keep on with your travel,
Keep up your journey with the memories in your backpack, as time makes more memories to unravel,
So while time permits you, make as many more memories as you can,
But don’t forget who you were, because this was where it all began.



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