Working at a MNC in the south, spares you of the most celebrated festivals, Diwali being one of them. I see packed trolleys being dragged on my street as I pass by, riding my bike in the somewhat chilly air of Bangalore. The trolleys leave behind some dust which seems like an adieu to this place as people prepare themselves for a Diwali weekend at home. I see a stream of Volvos lined up on the main road, taking the tiresome to their relaxed breaks. The atmosphere seems so excited yet so isolated.

Although the bike trip in the hindsight, it can hardly overshadow the joy of burning crackers at home with your peers. Life takes a monotonous route when you begin working and no exciting plan, whatsoever can hardly make up for the journey back home. I see my friends, all excited as they pack their bags, making a to-do list, planning to stay up all night for the flight in the wee hours of chilly city.

While they get to enjoy their weekend, I sit here writing Java codes and XML parsers trying to deploy an OVF file in some sort of Virtual Environment. How ironic life is, I occasionally wonder. Even the work screams virtual. The remotest feel of Diwali come by the sign in the office saying ‘No crackers allowed inside’. My friend jokingly says “As if there are enough already inside.” Though being a sexist joke, it lightens the mood. The company tries to make us feel good by giving host of sweets and chocolate packets. How meager they seem, I feel.

My brain reminds me that its my second consecutive Diwali away from home. I stop my random thoughts and try to focus on my computer screen, trying to console myself that I am still going to have that 500km bike trip and resume working. And while, the lucky ones enjoy their Diwali with crackers, I have to study for another Quiz tomorrow. Sigh!

Happy Diwali everyone! Have a safe Diwali. šŸ™‚



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