‘Welcome’ to Bangalore!

You are out and down. Nothing seems to go your way. A kannadiga bus conductor asks you to get down at some random place  when you were already late to some place 2 hrs away, because you didnt have change and presented him a 100 note when the fare was 20 bucks. When you dont seem to understand the human mind when an autorikshaw person asks for 120 bucks for mere 3kms and you are stranded in some place at 10 in the night. You are no localite who could converse in the local language and ask him to stop looting people. You feel scared but you know you have to go through all, and alone. You are rounding up for hours everyday in a huge city to find a shelter to live under without resting, without eating. The morning brings more struggle and the night even more tiredness.

But thats when you realise your inner strength. The strength building up slowly makes you feel that you can crush any hurdle. The strength hidden all these years seems to brimming up. All you seem to want is to break your own limits. Nothing seems unachievable, not even an alien place. The only thing left unconquered is your own fear. And no one can stop you. You are desperate to be unleashed and break every barrier, rip down every single obstruction and run, run till you can no more hold your breath. And then you get the sense of freedom, look back at the limits you crushed in pieces and move ahead, never to look back again.
Trust yourself and life will be beautiful. 😀