A beautiful smile

Why does one gets sad? Do we really have a reason? Look around, there are another million trying hard to bring a smile on your face. Look around and you will begin to feel these unhappy reasons grow infinitesimally small.

A friend singing for a national FM, another one travelling abroad to present his research paper, friends getting placed as treats for you get lined up, meeting your best friend once or twice every year for mere hours, dozens others bugging you to ask you how you are, a simple text from your loved one.

There is a simple way to get back up and running when sad. Pick up a notebook. Write down the reason why you are sad or feeling low. Parallel to it, write down reasons why you should be happy right now.Already feeling the single reason getting devalued? If not yet satisfied, tear out another paper. Write down why you are sad right now. (Some work which is frustrating your wit, some situation which doesn’t seem to get better any sooner). Draft down the exact sequence of steps how you plan to counter this problem. Still not reaching somewhere? Here is the trick. Assume your best friend to be in your position. What advice would you have given him? No need to follow it just yet, just write it down. Write down whatever you feel. You will see that load getting transferred from your heart through your pen to the paper. Feel the negative energy leave you. No one deserves to be sad.

Look around yourself when sad. Remember the finest memories in your life. By now, you have done things to make yourself proud. You have fire to go through any damn thorn in your life. Get up and get moving. Life never ends my friend.If anything it teaches you to become a better soul. If anything, it only makes you more awesome. If you have a reason to keep a frown face, millions are hidden to lighten that beautiful face of yours. Because life, it indeed is beautiful. πŸ™‚


And do watch. πŸ™‚


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