End of something beautiful

End of something simply means start of something new. It is a simple concept that something starts only to end at some point of time. Your life starts with your birth and ends when you die. Everything has a reason to start and similarly everything has a reason to end. Soon, another phase of my life is going to end. I will have to leave this place, a place where I have spent the most important part of my life.

There won’t be any abrupt ‘kaisa hai‘ from friends or random visits to night-canteens when you are hungry at odd hours. When you are not well, there won’t be tens of people looking out for you. You felt better just by the sense of dozens of people asking you about how you are feeling. Such rush of emotions at every topic won’t be seen again. There won’t be more nandans, babas, baklols, tharkis, sardars, jaats, ammas or babus. There won’t be anyone to make some joke on you, the joke that was ‘yours’ to have.

There won’t be any random walks and serious talks at 4’o clock in the morning. You will get involved in serious matters of life. You will run after money and the race will be so tiring that you won’t even have time to stop and smile. You might have been a PJ king with people telling you ‘Is joke ko sunne se pehle main marr kyu nahi gaya‘, because that will be replaced by an irritated face. Life will be all about money, relationship, career and responsibilities. There won’t be any night-outs, booze parties, mid-night gossips. There won’t be any birthday with dozens of people even leaving their exams aside to hug you and say ‘Aur bc, kitna buddha ho gaya?‘ You will miss giving treats to other dozens, when you are made to feel special.

The room, which was your shelter for the last 3-4 years might have been small to others but it was your palace. There won’t be faces at 3’o clock in the morning asking you if you had something to eat. The maggi will be nothing but a stomach filler. It won’t be anymore a reason to gather and have deep discussions about girls, college, profs and more girls. There won’t be loud music playing anymore which made you hum it for the rest of the day.

The room that had witnessed a lot of things. It was your fort of happiness and you shelter to cry. It was your’s to stare at the ceiling and indulge in deep thoughts about where your life is going which used to be only interrupted with a stupid friend coming and asking questions as stupid as ‘Are you ok?’ The hug when remembered, will bring some tears in your eyes for sure. But there won’t be anyone to care as much. There won’t be any more pats on your head. People will be concerned less and jealous more. There won’t be any more random visits to an eatery when you ‘don’t feel like studying’. Even if you would have, there won’t be any stupid friend to accompany you in the random walk just a few hours before the ‘important’ exam.

When life will have sped along, and when we stop to think about them, we will smile about it, but there won’t be anyone to understand the reason behind that smile. The moments will become a story to tell, a memory to live.

Because, these moments, these corridors, these campus roads, these dim lights, these fuckingly freaking stupid friends and their laughs will be lost in the dark, forever.



Who never dreamt, never won

Who told you can’t climb hills,
For if no one dreamt, no one could,
Who told you can’t swim oceans,
For if no one dreamt, no one could,
The wind so eager to blow you back,
Who told you can’t stand tall,
The hails kept pushing you down,
Did you give up even then?
The sun could do all but tire you,
But you stood there all the same,
You never lost the hope,
Nothing could snatch your dream,
You laughed at them, for all their might,
Nothing could make you slim,
Your dreams kept you awake for nights,
Do you think, these could make you sway?
You laughed at them with all the pride,
Not even the mountains did in your path lay
Nothing could ever drown your voice,
When even wind was growling with its own,
Who told you can’t bury its voice,
For if no one dreamt, no one shone..
Dreams made you alive and you know it well,
For if no one dreamt, no one won! 😀