The Walk

And it was a beautiful day,

Clouds swarming the sky, with a soft breeze passing away,

Leaves and petals flowing with the breeze,

And in the vast field as I lay,

The vastness of the sky makes me look so tiny,

And when I try to get up and look ahead,

I only see a road far far away..


If only, I could have the strength to walk through it all,

If only, I could have the strength to stand by the tide,

The moments would have been easier if only I had some support..

If only, I could sail smoothly through this rough and bumpy ride..


Why do things seem complicated when they never are,

The problems may count to be many, but so are the stars,

That doesn’t mean the sky doesn’t look beautiful in the night,

You have the strength you never knew, just pull on with all your might.


All it needs is a final blow, to take you all the way,

Faith is the key to all the troubles.

The ride may be rough and the sky may be dark,

But the bright rays will surely come,

Till then lighten a candle, and continue the walk.