Never stop dreaming

Life is full of ups and downs. The downs give you the strength you can never believe you had hidden inside you. There is a life beyond a single person. A life which is connected to many other persons in the life. There are times in your life when you think its all over. There are times in your life when you think why all this happened to you. You loved someone, you worked hard for something. But you didn’t get all you worked for or life betrayed you in some way or another. But does that mean life stops being beautiful? You know what the funny thing is, no matter how hard a position you are in, there is no way there won’t be someday when life will be beautiful again. There will always be a next day. If it can’t be today it can never mean that it can never be,well, someday.

There will always be a dream. A dream in your heart. A dream to be free. A dream to be loved. You can cry now over what you don’t have. But free your mind for once. Think for a second here. What is that you truly wanted? You might not have it now. But imagine of endless things you have in your life right now. You didn’t tell your parents you wanted that. But you got, apart from whatever you dreamt of, much more that you never expected.

There are hard conditions in everyone’s life. Hard conditions teach you many things in life. Well one thing for sure is that they always make you a different person. The more you longed for something, the more you learn from it. Never ever stop dreaming. Dreams may hurt you today, but one day along the road when you are sitting in your comfy chair, may be a with a cup of warm coffee and a newspaper on a quiet Sunday afternoon with your family in some apartment in some fast city, do stop for a while and think- What if you had stopped dreaming!

Remember one thing- The one who dreamt did fall down, suffered the pain, were hurt, were crushed but when finally tasted the fruit, had the tears which was far beyond that pain or failure. Who never dared to dream, never knew 🙂