Turning back the clock

It is a Sunday today. I remember back in school days, when I was still a kid and plus being from a strict school environment, Sunday was an important day for us. What Sunday meant to us was getting up late (and mind you, that time late meant 7’o clock). My dad used to switch on the TV programme ‘Chalti ka naam antakshari’ for sure. He used to shave and sing along the way. He enjoyed guessing the old film names and the songs and then sing some of them to my mom. Waking up to old songs and an atmosphere with the noise of motor running, something delicious being cooked in the kitchen, and the birds chirping (yeah we do have a decent backyard and you can listen to cuckoos for sure in the morning), lazily getting out of the bed and holding the toothbrush in the hand, God, finally it was a Sunday.

Dad, being a Chartered Accountant, did have to go to his office even on sundays. But for us, he would go late. He used to shout energetically to wake us up and then the four of us, me, my twin brother and my younger brother who was 9/10 years old that time would play cricket till my mother would scold us to come inside and take bath. My dad is a cricket enthusiast (how can I forget the lagaan-like match in our compound when my dad and my three uncles played a cricket match on holi. My mom and aunties were enjoying sitting on the chairs. Needless to say that when the match ended, there were oils and fast-relief everywhere.) So, I was telling my dad is a cricket enthusiast. Earlier a cricket match was a big deal for my family. If dad had to go to office, it was our duty to keep him informed about the progress of the match in every half an hour or so.

Well, I drifted to a different story altogether. Its difficult to hold your thoughts when there are so much of them in your mind. So going back to sunday, well, why I mentioned it in the first place was that after I left my home, no sunday felt the same. I only visit home in vacations and the value of a ‘sunday’ is lost. When I was in school, I desperately wanted to pass out. I didn’t even think, I would miss that life so much sometimes. Now, a sunday is often spent in studying or going out with friends or sleeping. Many would argue that time changes so do circumstances. I agree, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop for a moment here, close our eyes and turn back the clock to relive the best memories we had, right?

After all, life is a sum of all the memories till now and many of them are yet to be created. And hence is the title- Something Called Life.

Thats all for now folks 🙂