The Memories We Had

Staring through the night so dark,

I seldom see where I am going,

But when the moon finally shows its mark,

I walk the steps knowing,

Knowing that you are no more with me,

And I am fine totally, you see,

Because I might be too far away from your heart,

But baby, I cant stop thinking about you all night.


I seldom cared what people thought,

I seldom cared what people said,

All that mattered for me was what you felt for me,

And as the tides are turning again as the night flees,

All I wish is you stay the night with me..


I would look into your eyes forever,

I will make you feel my passion for you,

I will hold you tight and the feel the goosebumps on your skin,

And I will feel your breath over mine as I pull you closer to me,

And then I will kiss you softly as this night increases the ecstasy.

I will wait for the day for sure,


And as I write these lines, a tear does trickle down my chin,

As I remember the best time I had,

The day will come again I know, you will be there for me and I will be, for you,

I am just waiting and waiting till it drives me mad,

But with me, I have the memories we had, I do have the memories we had!


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