Everyone has a story to tell

I was really eager to write this article long bank, but my eagerness went to another level when I started listening to my friends eagerly. With so much of eager already in the first line, I had to write this article today itself.


Being honest, I have heard at least 4 of my friends in the past one-week or so, saying that they could write a book on their lives. Ok, yeah, at first I was wondering whether they were in their senses. But, fair enough they did have some interesting stories to tell. Although being frank to them, I would have liked to reply to them that they didn’t stand a chance to write a book, till I write one myself. But, on a serious note, some of the stories are so motivating that someday, I would force them one by one to sit in front of me and tell me their stories whilst I fill up my notepad.


Technically, one can tell the story of their lives to the world in two ways- Biography and Autobiography. People who think they are smart enough to actually write, pick up a pen and paper and start throwing their emotions out and keep on writing with the flow. That is precisely called autobiography. One such example is ‘My experiment with truth’, autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi.

And biography is the one in which either others are really interested to know the stories of some people or people are really interested to tell their story to the world but are not willing to spend so much time on writing. The one I can think of right now is ‘Steve Jobs’, most probably because I am kind of addicted to Steve Jobs right now, watching his videos and lectures. Obviously, it is a book on Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. The biography was written at the request of Jobs.


Now jumping from the technical stuff let me get back to the original point again. The world with over 6,831 million people has around 16% of the population in the age group of 20-30. And, perhaps that is the age group which strongly feels that they have witnessed the world, faced the toughest situations, have lived their lives and countless other things. To a large extent this may be true when looked at from different perspectives, but what I feel is that the real test of life starts from the day your parents retire from their jobs and you get the responsibility of your family. I have seen many of my friends or even me, spending a lot. And deep inside, I do regret, because I know, whatever I have planned, keeping that aside, I am going to spend very less when I start earning. And that is going to test my temperament, my character and my self-control. And when the failures come, that will test what determination I really have.


So, it might be the case that everyone has a story to tell, but the greater meaning of that story lies in the fact that, the true life and the hardest time for most of us is yet to come. And when we are really at a position where we can say confidently that ‘ I have seen enough in my life to write a book’, go ahead grab a pen and a paper & do tell us, the story of your life. And, for sure, most of us do face a lot in academics, relationships, failures, successes, inspiration, motivation and other things, that over 90% of the books ought to be a big seller. Till then, save your ink, keep living, for, when you finally pen down your words, you do want to have some awesome memories in there, for yourself to savor.


Happy life 🙂


PS: I wanted to write a longer one, but I have a real scarcity of time.

And as usual, comments & feedbacks welcomed.


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