Aaj Purani Raho Se

Aaj Purani Raho Se


When Mohammed Rafi wrote this song back in 1968, India was a different country. The cities were smaller, hearts were bigger, people were a lot more generous than now and life for them was simpler. India hadn’t developed much; computers were not too much in the scenario and televisions were making there way into the life of a common man.

It has been 44 years since then. It is 2012 now. People have grown modern, cities have expanded, communication has become fast, and there are tons of ways to communicate, share and connect. There are cellphones, televisions, laptops, tablets, Ipods and thousands of other electronic devices, which one would have just imagined to be so common, about 20-30 years back. Life has become fast, people are running, chasing, fighting and groaning about it. They seldom have an idea of what they are chasing. Today, people spend so much on luxuries that if they had to define luxury to someone back in 1968, the latter would have been either confused by their language or would have perhaps blamed their flawed dictionary.

Today the communication has grown so fast, very few would have imagined a few decades earlier. We have telecommunication, satellite communication, Internet, televisions and thousands of social networking sites. So, why in the end, our life is a lot hollower than it was back then. Why do we feel more alone and why do we feel without any support than what we used to feel when we were in high schools. Technology develops, but instead of bringing us closer, they have left a widening gap in our lives. We are more stressed out, more depressed and dissatisfied with our daily routines.
Well, so the question is: Why this title?

“We are the sum of all the moments of our lives”

I heard this line somewhere. If we focus a little on the meaning, it sums our entire life, our past, our present and our future. We build our character, our nature, our reactions and our behavior based on what we have dealt in the past. A person, who has failed many times, knows better how to cope up with a difficult situation than a person who has had an easy life. People say experiencing failure is important for success. Yes, I do agree with that. But the big question is, how long should the experience and the regret associated with that failure be kept with us. Many of us say, ‘I don’t want to live in the past’, but frankly telling there are a very few of us, who really don’t think about the past, each and every day in their present.

We are humans, and human psychology is that our brain tends to treat our environment and people around us as memories. The difference between what we remember and what we don’t is that, brain being selective in nature, selects the memories, which affects the most in our life. A question, which failed us a grade in our examination, will tend to remain for a longer duration than one which helped us get those grades. It remains as long as we don’t get a better thing to think about. Life is the same. We tend to think about our mistakes and regret about them. We wont think of stuffs, which have made us a better person or even the person who we are now.

So, where was I? Yeah, the memories, the environment, and the people! Well, nature has a cruel way of reminding us of our past mistakes. We see the surrounding, we see the people who were once a part of our past or even we encounter some circumstances, which remind us of our mistakes and failures. That is not a big deal, actually. The big deal lies in identifying the fact whether it is doing any good or a better way to put it, is it really worth it to retain those memories, our past, in our present? It is an easy thing to say, but a hard one to do. People tend to retain the bad rather than the good. It is true in terms of interacting with other people and it is true in terms of interacting with oneself. So, the big step circles around the fact that we need to decide what is helping us and what is harming us. We rarely identify the loopholes in our lives and we generally don’t let go of those memories.

The discussion won’t end here and not in decades to come, but what life demands is sanity. In this fast world, we can only dream of being content and satisfied. The world races and so even we need to; otherwise we are going to be left far behind. So, stop for a while, think about what you are right now and where you want to be. The thing is that, no matter where you are right; you are nowhere compared to where you can be. Life is all about optimism. If you are being optimistic, you will have a lot to think to do in your day.

I don’t want to end here. But, life is fast, and if I walk slow, I will be left far behind. I don’t want to be left out of the race. For, the real taste of life lies in the fact that you took part in that, at least. And, I am one of those people, who might fall endless times, who might be pushed down, walked upon and tramped, but would fight to get up again and again & again.
PS: Writing gives me sanity. Don’t judge me. And comments are most welcomed.


4 thoughts on “Aaj Purani Raho Se

  1. I think that our retaining of past experiences and our way of interpretation are subject of the values we choose for ourselves. To be fair and nice is a great deal of one’s well and intention. Good post, congratulations.

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment. Actually yeah, what you said is kind of true. We interpret our past as good or bad, totally based on the type of person we are. 🙂

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