Go for the kill

I have had enough of walking down the dark road,

for now, when I can see the light of hope,

I needn’t shut myself out from the world and cry,

Its time to shout out and stop the lies..

Oh yeah, I wanna live my life with hopes and desires,

the goal may be distant and far to go,

but its time to get up from the ground and show,

I may be weak at times & longer than I know,

but, once I get strong, the weakness starts looking shallow!


So, its time to stop groaning with pain of efforts,

and give the efforts one more push,

for the goal may be far and too far to work,

but at least now I want to face my fears

& face the tiger hidden in the bush.


The light of hope, though how dim, it may seem,

I have to hold it tight for that only does matter and will,

for, the strength I have gained and whatever I have now left..

Its time to stand up high & Go for the kill!


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