Yours is the world

Infants to Toddlers and then to kids…

We grew up according to the wishes the world most fit..

Seldom did we care what gave us the joy..

When satisfying others left our lives with a void….


Why can’t we just do away with those etiquette & shout!

Why do every time we have to look whether we are being a fool..

The world is ours & ours to go out..

And do what things we really mean, and not just what is cool!!


Sing loudly & Shout as if no one is watching..

They won’t care when you are not around,

So, why the hell you don’t treat yourself as a king?

Spread your wings and fly as if the sky belongs to you..

For none the matter, its your life & just DO what it matters to YOU!!


Get out of the rat race & think for yourself..

Is it going to help being at the place all want to be,

Or rather the place you need not later share..

Stop comparing yourself with others, for that will do no good…

You are unique and, seriously, it won’t matter nor it should..


A world where no one compares you to others..

And for once no one decides you by looking at your face..

Well, life is a journey, & moreover

Just get out of this damn rat race!!


Be yourself..

& Not what others want you to be..

For when you end your life & leave this place..

Others won’t matter, but what you made yourself, will be the key!


Yash Sinha



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