Would you cry

The days to come, the days that passed…
Memories were made and were lost..
For some were together and some were never
But one thing that I knew was, it was well said…

Those little fights and those melodies
Those scary nights and those hello-jis
Will you remember that when I am gone?
Or its just one of those stories?

Keeping secrets and making fun
Those chills and that evening sun…
Classroom jitters and exam shocks..
Will you remember my terrified face when I am gone..

Hey mom, even I ask you..
Whom would you hug when no one would come and be waiting at the door…
Those anxious waits would not remain anymore…
Whom would you ask if he had taken his lunch..
For the phone would ring but with no voice to make you bore..

And whom would you cry for..
Who is living far away..
Would you miss me maa,
When I would be gone without a say?

Hey friends, do you remember the times we had?
Those bike trips and those memories sad..
Those maal ko tadna and those senseless talks..
Those endless fights and those meaningless tears
But in the end we knew we were most near…
Those tricks and treats and those teasing times…
Do you know, whether were had so much time…

Would you remember me when I am gone?
My irritating talks and my endless groan
Would you miss me my friends,
For maybe we fought but I knew you would never leave me alone….

But sorry friends I will need just four of you
Keep me safe, for our friendship was true..
And in case you hated me, tell it fine
Because I don’t want to argue with you when I am gone..

I know someday will come when you will bear me no more..
For the sake of me would you cry?
And maybe you would say dialogues like “uth jaa sale”
But even you know, I wont come back, when I die..

Yash Sinha
BITS pilani goa campus


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