I don’t know, when I would sleep in peace the next time.

So, turn off the lights and set the music to low chime..

Let me face the calm moonlight..

While I sleep so sound and tight, tonight..


With life running at such a fast pace..

Where walking has no meaning unless you begin to race..

Where you drown and shout, but there is no one to wait..

Its justified, for you, why should anyone else be late?


With so much to think, 

And even more to do..

Let me sleep tonight,

For, after so many days, I have rested all through..

Keep the music soft, so only I can hear..

Life has grown so rough and so tough to bear..

So, I curl up in my bed, with pillows held near tight..

God, for once, just let me sleep in peace, tonight..


Not much I want, because tomorrow will be a same day, I know..

Without pain there is no gain, I dont need You to show..

But let me have this night by myself..

With nothing to think and nothing to have sorrow..


And, after so many days, I have felt this calm..

For, life has grown rough and lost its charm..

I will be fit and up and ready to go..

But let me sleep tonight with just dreams far away the window..


Switch off the lights,

And switch off them right….

Let me fade away where there is no pain and no plight..

For long I have waited to sleep in such peace..

Please let it be that, Tonight..


Yash Sinha



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