The Walk

And as the breeze passed by
I looked up into the sky
To walk those last steps
Where none of them could see me cry…

Those endless nights and those happy gains..
Those senseless lies and those regrets and pains..
Somewhere I couldnt find my self with me I sense
It is better to follow unless the case may be so intense..

Trying hard to fight those tears..
Its when you find no one near
All you can do is stare in the mirror
And ask the man there to hear..

And as the breeze passed by
I took my steps forward to make my moments defined
While some may think it is stupid
But sometimes your luck is also timed..

And as I moved forward to take the path I had chosen
I found my grip on my luck loosen..
While sometimes you cant avoid being there all the time
Your senses and feelings make you nonetheless prime..

So until the stars I hope to go
With no remorse or sorrow
I aim for the sky and will make it count..
For, there hurts nothing in this world more than when your loss mounts..

Yash sinha


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