Rusted Memories

I woke up this morning, in my bed
Took a look all around the shed
Looked around those photographs in the frame
The rusted memories of happier times, then it came

Those days where I could do what I wanted
Without anyone taking me for granted
Resting in my mumma’s lap
I know it will take long to fill the gap..

Those cycle rides
Those friends aside
It doesn’t matter whether I can drive a car now
Those rusted memories will forever be bright

When I fell down, I didn’t worry
I dusted my pants and didn’t stop to hurry
People rushed to pick me up
But look at the time now, you fall, and people will do nothing but laugh

Those rickshaw rides to my school
Those teachers who didn’t mind whether we were small
But I lived for my friends and they lived for me
The punishments, the sticks, well they didn’t matter at all!!

Those gully crickets, those videogames
Those bully friends, those weird names
We laughed together and cried
It didn’t matter then even if I lied

Those movies we went with our mom and dad
Those dinners we had at restaurants
At the end of the end all it seemed
We were not that ignorant

School times and recess
And the girls whom we couldn’t access
We always followed them though
They didn’t know, lol, that was their regrets..

And that awesome food which my mom cooked for me
The smell which now I can never feel
I know the present is not that bad
But I know a slider can’t match a giant wheel

That cosy bed
Those cosy hugs
Those gossip calls and those rotten rugs
Someday when I will look at these photographs
Those smiling faces will always make me shrug

Whatever the case now may be
But one thing I can always see
Sometimes you are low and sometimes you are high
But in the all that matters are your rusted memories…!!

Yash Sinha
BITS Pilani Goa Campus



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