My world after you

Some day when i will be walking through the door

Wanting to find you but wont be able to see you anymore

I would perhaps wait and think

What will be my world after you


Those evening walks, those library studies…

Those iceream treats, those never ending buddies

Dont know whether any thing would change

But i will be the same you know, my excuse may be lame


Never ending days, and never ending nights

You used to always be in my sight

You said i didnt realise your importance

But yeah i will miss those days by my light


Those soft hands, those magical eyes..

Your sweet voice that echo in my ears…

Well they will be gone forever

When i will get to know you are not with me anymore


Pain can be fought as bruises can be healed

But absence cant be sought as you cant be felt

I dont know whether i will miss you or you will

But i know the moments of yours with me will be unsealed


Friendship cant be broken as love cant be cleared

I hope one day you will come back as my end would near

You would bend down my ears to say me something

But i wont be able to hear anything as feelings lost gone


I would pray you remain happy wherever you are

Maybe you are not with me but your memories always will be

And one day when i will be thinking what would be my world after you

I will stop for a while to know whether you are happy

Because someday when you are not with me

Your memories, your presence always will be


Your laugh, your tears, your smiles, your fears..

You touch, your feel your brush, your heal..

Ending all i just want to say

I will miss you and your care…

Because in the end i know whenever i need you

You will always be there…


So someday when i know you are forever gone

And i need to feel my world after you

I will bend down close my eyes…

And say, i even cant imagine my world after you…


Yash sinha

BITS pilani- GOA


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