My love

Stars may fall down today

to make me laugh and sway

but i wont pass a day

without saying…o girl i love u..


Remember the day we first met

not knowing not caring

but when i look at today

i cant pass a day without you sharing..


The moments we were all alone..

You cuddling me and me hugging you..

What those moments mean to me i cant say…

But i know yours and mine feelings are true…


If only i could make you mine…

If only i had enough time…

If only i could bring down the stars for you.

To make your face shine…


I know i cant compare you to moon…

For the moon too has spots..

But you, o my love are beyond that loon..

You are even sweeter than my words…


And today here i sit under the stars..

I dream of how we will be 60 years older..

You cuddling me and me hugging you…

You will be sitting lying your heads on my shoulders…


I love you a lot thats all i wanna say

and we will be together no matter how much we fight..

The sun always has a reason to give us the ray…

Even though the shadow comes with the light..


We may fight we may blow..

You may cry over things i dont understand.

But my love is all i wanna show

is that you are the most special person in my life no matter where i land…


We will last, oh yeah…

No matter what happens…

This relation will last forever…

Whoever says whatever and hence… 🙂





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