Move on your own


when it looks dark all around

hold your head up high..

with no reason left to sigh..

walk the distance, with the happy moments you had..

for the moments not worth remembering will only make you sad.

So cherish the time, remove the load you have been carrying for so long..

its better to show you are weak than being a fake all along..


Some things you never wanted to give up..

because its too easy to live with them..

Wake up & face the world..

for, the hardest of times shows your true strengths..

The things you had kept for so long, may not be the end..

because everything in this world is temporary, my dear friend..


It will be tough to let go things you never had..

the more you run after them, makes them not more real.

but fake does linger when you build up that strength..

it will be difficult to let go, though, but face the reality..

Once or ever, you need to leave your world of fantasy ..


maybe the destiny has mocked your luck many a times..

but that wont mean you dont deserve the happier ones…

season may go and season may come, though it wud never be late..

destiny will always be yours only when you make most of your life..

otherwise, left will be only pain and just pain to thrive


and as the hour sets, and as the time just flies…

its truest character, time has thus shown..

time has never stopped for anyone ever..

if you dont want yourself to be left behind, move on your own..


Trust me, sometimes,

its better to let things go.


Yash Sinha



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