I wish

In this modern world,

With one man envy of other,

And the feeling of hatred never seems to cease

I wish I could bring some love

In this world so deep…


And the morning joys could be seen by us

If not at the least once,

And I wish, I wish and so I wish

We could forget the hatred

And hope one day, my life picks and runs!


The wars and the corruption,

With nothing left to discover..

I wish, I wish and so I wish..

One day the selfish would be sober..


Misery and rage,

Were once kept in a cage..

But look what has led it to..

We can’t even think of turning that old page..

The love must though exist,

For then we see some care..

And I wish, I wish and so I wish..

People would be needed and would be there…


The epitome of joy, dissolves all the pain..

Which was shared, and thus regained..

And sometimes when I look at the sky..

I feel, why do I remember You only when I am down..

And then hope for the rays of happiness, although the end is known…


For once I wish, people forget their selfishness..

And care to look for others..

I wish, I wish, oh I wish..

May there be a world to live in peacefully together… 🙂


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