I wish, I never grew up

In the shadow of my mother
under the love of my father
with pampering of my siblings
i wish i never grew up to face this world, so lather….

I could get what i wanted
I could share what i cant
I could say what i wished
not even fearing the consequences it unleashed..

I was the apple of the eye of my teacher
I could never do mistakes so grave
yeah, i was scolded by all..
but always it, then, felt like a passing wave…

The stories of my grandma..
the stick of my grandfather
oh, how much i miss those..
why did i get so much harsh days, rather

I always remember them with please
The stories, the love all lost away…
i cry away when u tease..
I wish i never grew up
with the love and passion i had….
I wish I never grew up
for, its not the time i am having, but the innocent childhood i had… đŸ™‚



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