Down the roads to the places

Where we all grew up

Caught in my eyes are those houses

Which used to fill my mind with love..


Knocking on the door..

And how glowing were the smiling faces..

That emerged behind those anxieties..

And how on the thought of those, still our hearts races..


Friends they were called..

Our first companion in the alien world..

And how they made our tears so useless..

When smiling with them left nothing else to cry for in the nights curled..


In the moment of silence, they made me speak

To throw out what was even not related..

And then to laugh over my stupidity..

To think of those times and bring out memories created..


The punch was all to make me feel better..

And so were the mocks and cries to follow…

So what the faces told me all..

They were always there to make the sadness hollow..


But none left to cry in front of..

And none of them to listen the woe..

Busy life left me not one to look forward to..

When I found myself again feeling low…


And how much I miss them now..

Has made me realize what they meant to me..

When I had them, I had nothing to worry about..

But in this loneliness, now I have no one to see…







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