Walking along the road, with nowhere to go,
I am surprised with this crossroad,
And it sends me to the thought of, what my life is now,
When I have nothing to think with my mind filled with load…

The hustle in my life, has left my friends behind,
And who bothers to know where do others stand now,
Why is so much commotion there in our lives?
That, we dont stop for a second and think for others?

Lives are pretty busy I know,
But why make it so complex, when all you would have later is woe!!
So, rest your mind, give a call to the person you are thinking of right now,
Your day will be better, bet me, I know..

We all have problems,
But sharing them, makes it lesser..
Dont burden it all over yourself guys..
Sometimes, a handful of support is not so bad!!

And only that I wanna tell..
Dont lose anyone in life..
Work will go on and your days too will..
So why not make life from your days?

Yash sinha


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