And there I stand, listening to the tune
Of the sunrise, ignored by all..
When nothing is left to bear
I find myself in the arms of joy,
To mystify the existence of my living..

The forgiveness seeked from the duty of majesty,
As loving pain, it could all say
So far I am from you , that,
No calm could ever preside..

When I witness my mornings in the cold wave,
I seldom go out and see,
But, then do I witness, the love of nature,
Which are left unseen, while I sleep..

Life has so much to give, that we are so reluctant to accept..
Some seem fake and some so abstract..
When I dare to trust those finally,
I feel, I made no mistake,
And sometimes, the memories, are bound to forget and solemn to regret!

Yash sinha
BITS pilani goa campus 🙂


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