I don’t know, when I would sleep in peace the next time.

So, turn off the lights and set the music to low chime..

Let me face the calm moonlight..

While I sleep so sound and tight, tonight..


With life running at such a fast pace..

Where walking has no meaning unless you begin to race..

Where you drown and shout, but there is no one to wait..

Its justified, for you, why should anyone else be late?


With so much to think, 

And even more to do..

Let me sleep tonight,

For, after so many days, I have rested all through..

Keep the music soft, so only I can hear..

Life has grown so rough and so tough to bear..

So, I curl up in my bed, with pillows held near tight..

God, for once, just let me sleep in peace, tonight..


Not much I want, because tomorrow will be a same day, I know..

Without pain there is no gain, I dont need You to show..

But let me have this night by myself..

With nothing to think and nothing to have sorrow..


And, after so many days, I have felt this calm..

For, life has grown rough and lost its charm..

I will be fit and up and ready to go..

But let me sleep tonight with just dreams far away the window..


Switch off the lights,

And switch off them right….

Let me fade away where there is no pain and no plight..

For long I have waited to sleep in such peace..

Please let it be that, Tonight..


Yash Sinha



Move on your own


when it looks dark all around

hold your head up high..

with no reason left to sigh..

walk the distance, with the happy moments you had..

for the moments not worth remembering will only make you sad.

So cherish the time, remove the load you have been carrying for so long..

its better to show you are weak than being a fake all along..


Some things you never wanted to give up..

because its too easy to live with them..

Wake up & face the world..

for, the hardest of times shows your true strengths..

The things you had kept for so long, may not be the end..

because everything in this world is temporary, my dear friend..


It will be tough to let go things you never had..

the more you run after them, makes them not more real.

but fake does linger when you build up that strength..

it will be difficult to let go, though, but face the reality..

Once or ever, you need to leave your world of fantasy ..


maybe the destiny has mocked your luck many a times..

but that wont mean you dont deserve the happier ones…

season may go and season may come, though it wud never be late..

destiny will always be yours only when you make most of your life..

otherwise, left will be only pain and just pain to thrive


and as the hour sets, and as the time just flies…

its truest character, time has thus shown..

time has never stopped for anyone ever..

if you dont want yourself to be left behind, move on your own..


Trust me, sometimes,

its better to let things go.


Yash Sinha


Yours is the world

Infants to Toddlers and then to kids…

We grew up according to the wishes the world most fit..

Seldom did we care what gave us the joy..

When satisfying others left our lives with a void….


Why can’t we just do away with those etiquette & shout!

Why do every time we have to look whether we are being a fool..

The world is ours & ours to go out..

And do what things we really mean, and not just what is cool!!


Sing loudly & Shout as if no one is watching..

They won’t care when you are not around,

So, why the hell you don’t treat yourself as a king?

Spread your wings and fly as if the sky belongs to you..

For none the matter, its your life & just DO what it matters to YOU!!


Get out of the rat race & think for yourself..

Is it going to help being at the place all want to be,

Or rather the place you need not later share..

Stop comparing yourself with others, for that will do no good…

You are unique and, seriously, it won’t matter nor it should..


A world where no one compares you to others..

And for once no one decides you by looking at your face..

Well, life is a journey, & moreover

Just get out of this damn rat race!!


Be yourself..

& Not what others want you to be..

For when you end your life & leave this place..

Others won’t matter, but what you made yourself, will be the key!


Yash Sinha


I wish

In this modern world,

With one man envy of other,

And the feeling of hatred never seems to cease

I wish I could bring some love

In this world so deep…


And the morning joys could be seen by us

If not at the least once,

And I wish, I wish and so I wish

We could forget the hatred

And hope one day, my life picks and runs!


The wars and the corruption,

With nothing left to discover..

I wish, I wish and so I wish..

One day the selfish would be sober..


Misery and rage,

Were once kept in a cage..

But look what has led it to..

We can’t even think of turning that old page..

The love must though exist,

For then we see some care..

And I wish, I wish and so I wish..

People would be needed and would be there…


The epitome of joy, dissolves all the pain..

Which was shared, and thus regained..

And sometimes when I look at the sky..

I feel, why do I remember You only when I am down..

And then hope for the rays of happiness, although the end is known…


For once I wish, people forget their selfishness..

And care to look for others..

I wish, I wish, oh I wish..

May there be a world to live in peacefully together… 🙂


Down the roads to the places

Where we all grew up

Caught in my eyes are those houses

Which used to fill my mind with love..


Knocking on the door..

And how glowing were the smiling faces..

That emerged behind those anxieties..

And how on the thought of those, still our hearts races..


Friends they were called..

Our first companion in the alien world..

And how they made our tears so useless..

When smiling with them left nothing else to cry for in the nights curled..


In the moment of silence, they made me speak

To throw out what was even not related..

And then to laugh over my stupidity..

To think of those times and bring out memories created..


The punch was all to make me feel better..

And so were the mocks and cries to follow…

So what the faces told me all..

They were always there to make the sadness hollow..


But none left to cry in front of..

And none of them to listen the woe..

Busy life left me not one to look forward to..

When I found myself again feeling low…


And how much I miss them now..

Has made me realize what they meant to me..

When I had them, I had nothing to worry about..

But in this loneliness, now I have no one to see…






Yours is the destiny

No time to lose

No time to stop…

No time to cry,

or feel sorry..

You can’t regret what you did

nor even can you worry..

Coz this is the time

to walk to your strength

Rock the world, prove who you are

cross the road across its length..

Show them, you are not just a name..

You are not that easy to tame!!

Hit them hard, but not with arms

Your success will be a slap, making their faces warm…

Toil hard coz you can’t afford to lose..

Yours is the destiny, and that is what you choose!!!


Yash Sinha




Waking up after my dream

All I want is to see your face

But sometimes, it doesn’t help

When you seem so far away


I wish it was the distance of path, not hearts

But, nothing seems to help it anymore

We tried and we loved

But who knew, we would end up like this

We were happy and though we fought

I never knew, when I would ask you..

When I finally asked you to marry me

After all those years, you said no and turned your back against me


Where did I stand

With all that lost, hurt no more

What really hurt was how you made it look all fake

With all my love and care senseless

With tears in my eyes, I turned back

Not to trust anyone

For, it had been much for me trust someone

That even trusting people looked fake…