Yeah I wanna fall in love wid u

Love’s a moment you seem to wait for….

You keep finding that special one all your life….

And there may be some memories to erase..

And some moments to wipe….

But in the end you realise its all a craze!!

The moment we wandered together all night….

With some fear. With some fright….

I didn’t know we will get so close…

With the moment you made my life….

We were travelling alone…sitting all day..

We talked all crap that made me sway…

But the moment I was with you..

I am not gonna forget it anyway….

With tears in my eyes I suddenly stopped…

And you could see the pain in my eyes…

You were standing on the ground…

I could sense it coming…

And your hands on my shoulders made me rise….

Your support made me stronger..

And I know I had to do it that day…

I took out the ring and kissed you…

I realised that was the biggest moment on my way..!!

Yeah I wanna fall in love with you….

I am all yours that’s the only thing I wanna say…..

Your love is all I want…

And I know someday..somewhere, u will accept me on the bay!!

I promise I will keep waiting for you…

And the day you say yes I will hug you with all my might…

Wish the day comes soon…

Because I am dying for you to become the light in my dark life….




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