Door to my dreams

Life teaches u a lot..sumtyms u win sumtyms u lose… bt dat one moments compensates all ur pain, all ur sorrow..

my lyf has been a journey of gud as well as rough patches..lyf turned me d way it wanted..twisted me d direction it i never lost my hope..neither my determination nor my belief!

IIT-hmm..dream of a lifetym.. dream of over 5 lakh students..the dream which is lived by just 1.5 percent of those 5 lakhs..! ya thats IIT-INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY..

well to confess..evn i din evr dream 2 be there lyf story is nt dat of geeks, spectacle borne muggers (though i wear spex) my lyf has been of my parent’s n my mama mami’s belief in me, my frenz support n my lovely bro’s n sis’s unlimited love..

i hav heard sumwhere..go as ur lyf takes m nt d one 2 follow suite.. m d one who takes all d decisions by my own..

der is a place called kota in d sub-urb of rajasthan.. dozen coaching insti exist der..students rush der lyk herd of sheeps.. i wuz a part of dat herd..believe me..lyf was tuff..sum bad company..sum stupid acts n lyf landed me in a situation frm where i culd do nthng..i was results were nt even aweful..dey were rags..

i saw my mother crying..probably those tears helped me gather myself n fite..

i rose frm d ruins..packed my bags 2 set up for d tuffest journey of my lyf..if i failed again it wuld b the end of my d risk needed 2 b taken..

i went 2 ranchi under d shadow of sm1 whom i place next 2 my parents.. i din lose hope n worked my mind wid a simple line ‘y cant i b in those 1.5 percent’

my aim was simple ‘clear JEE-2010’ .d scene wasnt dat i locked myself in a dark rum wid table lamp and books all around.. i watched movies, played cricket wid my bro, njoyd my classes wid PJs n pranks..

there was cont support frm my frm my frenz.. sum frenz discouraged me sum gave positive comments., i took both…workd on my mistakes..

10th april, 2010
bang arrives the penultimate day…my parents arrivd at ranchi 2 help me pass those slog moments widot ne stress..

11th april, 2010
the d-day had arrived! d most awaited day which had been anticipated by me frm the past 300 days..i had butterflies in my stomach..
at d xam centre i took a deep breath..n gave my paper..after i had submited my paper i knew i had done a fair job..

26th may 2010
results were 2 come in d morning..i wuz more dan meh my dad was nervous..he woke up at 4am n started checking my results…i woke up at 6:30..only i knw how i passed those 90 mins..i opened the jee website for bot 100 times..
i remember i was drinking water at bot 8 am n saw d link ‘jee 2010 results’ water was bot 2 spill out…final moments i prayed 2 god..n wrote my reg num 5077093..
7865 dat was all i culd c in my first attempt at my lappy cuz my father was already patting my back.. i culd feel it.. i felt lyk yelling bt better sense prevailed! YEAH I HAD PULLED IT OFF!! MY DREAM 2 BE IN THE TOP OF THE SHARPEST BRAINS OF THE COUNTRY WAS FULFILLED!

i din write all this for mere tympas..i juz wana show u all dat nthng in dis world is impossible..hav determination, foremost believe dat u can..


IITJEE2010 AIR 7865



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