a birthday call

we havent toked for years..
and, maybe, d regret still lies wid me
the pain m having, is all i can hear..
and thats the only thing, u cant see..!!

i had been calling u since d day we broke up…
but, there wasnt any response from u..
i could hav done d same thing & maybe..
u couldnt bear it too…
but u always knew me, I wasnt like dat..
I wasnt dem, who wuld give u pain..
But dats life, and I guess dats wats in ur name…

I didnt mean to give up so easily..
But i didnt have any support, u see
you culd share ur feelings wid ur frenz..
but i had lost all of dem in ur love..
dat i had none to share in d end..

but dis morning at 12 u gav me a birthday call..
it was my birthday, i knoe, but u made me cry on d phone in vain
and if dats d case, dat u wuld call me on my birthday..
I guess, I will be glad to be born day & again ..!! :))

yash sinha
BITS pilani
Goa Campus


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